Meet the Retailers

Meet Eilish from Platypus Shoes

Born and raised in Bluff, Eilish moved to the bright lights of Auckland when she was just seventeen. Despite stiff competition, Eilish soon secured a position working for BurgerFuel and thrived in the fast-paced world of combining a busy restaurant with a strong takeaway following. Not long into the role, she was invited to assist in the setting up of a brand-new BurgerFuel outlet on the Kapiti Coast, before heading back up North again. 

This return brought with it a change and a chance to experience a different kind of retail, by joining Hallenstein Brothers. While working across multiple Hallenstein Brothers stores, including Botany Town Centre, Sylvia Park and Manukau Super Centre, Eilish discovered Platypus.

Loving the culture of acceptance that Platypus embraces amongst its staff members and customers, Eilish took the plunge in becoming a Christmas casual. The new job turned out to be a perfect match, as after only four weeks in the role, she was offered a position as 2IC in the Queen Street store. 

Five years on and, together with her partner (now fiancée), Eilish moved to Invercargill for a while before settling in Dunedin. Good fortune then struck again when she was able to re-join Platypus, this time at the Golden Centre.

Being the vibrant, charismatic and experienced retail professional she is, we wanted to find out more about Eilish and her role at Platypus, so we posed the following questions: 

What do you look forward to most when you come to work each day?

Within a heartbeat, Eilish said that it is undoubtedly the chance to see her Team, who she likes to refer to as her second family. The excitement of not knowing who you are going to meet each day is also something Eilish likes to embrace.

What is your favourite product in-store at the moment?

The slogan ‘Life is too short not to buy Dr Martens’ sums it up for Eilish and her favourite Dr Martens boots are her pair of Jadons that she wears day in day out. The heritage of the Dr Marten brand really resonates with Eilish, and she loves it when people come into the store and reminisce about their first pair of Docs, back in the day.

In your opinion, what makes Platypus such a great shoe buying destination?

The culture of the organisation is such an important part of shopping at Platypus and Eilish was keen to reinforce the fact that, besides having some of the most widely regarding footwear brands in New Zealand, the ethos of Platypus is to create a fabulous experience for shoppers while they are choosing their next pair of shoes. Everyone is welcome and nothing is too much trouble for their fun-loving and highly professional team.

What is a lesser-known fact about the Platypus store?

Eilish mentioned that she is often asked about how the staff can bring out so many pairs of shoes from what looks like a very small area behind the counter. The truth is that there is a basement that runs underneath the store dating back to the late 1800’s where all of the shoeboxes are neatly stored and easy to find. 

Eilish was also extremely proud to speak about the diversity of her Team, with staff members originating from all over the World, including the Philippines, Canada and India. She feels that the mix of her Team’s backgrounds and experiences provides a perfect balance to learn from each other and deliver a great service to Platypus’ customers.

What’s next for you, Eilish?

Eilish was ecstatic to share with us that she has just bought her first home with her fiancée and is also so thankful that she is working with such wonderful people at Platypus. As such, the next step for Eilish is to simply enjoy where she is currently at in her life.