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Happy Matariki!

27th June 2022

As we take down the fairy lights and close our Matariki Celebration Space until next year, we would like to share with you some wonderful ways in which shoppers participated in our recent in-centre activities.

Over 1,450 people entered our competition to win one of fourteen $250 New World Gift Cards. The lucky winners included:

Deidre who shopped at Bed, Bath N’ Table | Jeanette who shopped at Untouched World | Sharon who shopped at The Body Shop | Emma who shopped at The Athlete’s Foot | Michelle who shopped at Paper Plus Books |Lorna who shopped at Acquisitions | Mike who shopped at Paper Plus Books | John who shopped at Untouched World | Victoria who shopped at The Body Shop | Sam who shopped at Paper Plus Stationery | Linda who shopped at Untouched World | Lucy who shopped at Laser Clinics New Zealand | Brian who shopped at Paper Plus Books.

Following the contributions of canned food that were made our retail staff members and Golden Centre visitors, we were able to donate 178 items for people and pets in need to Presbyterian Support’s 2022 Kai for Octacan Appeal. These will help to make up some of the 250 packs that are currently being distributed throughout the area each week.

Within the Matariki Celebration Space, 185 people honoured loved ones who had sadly passed since the last rising of Matariki by including their names on the Tree of Remembrance's leaves. Each leaf also signified a $1 donation to be made by the Golden Centre to assist Family Works Otago in delivering their hugely valuable programmes and services.

And last, but by no means least, seventy-nine people chose to publicly declare their resolutions and wishes for the Matariki New Year and these are listed below. 

Some can be considered to be deeply heart-warming, others a testimony to the inspirational drive for good in our community and several will simply bring a smile to your face. Whichever category these sentiments fall into, we would like to wish everyone the very best for the coming year. 

I want to save planet Earth. – Elsie, 6

Just Breathe.

Spread kindness everywhere you go. – Sophie

Become a registered nurse. – Sophie

Live life to the fullest. – Avaya

Keep striving to be the best version of myself and contribute positively to my community.

Peace for Ukraine.

Get engaged!

I’ll be a better sister. – Layla

Be kind and smile. – Dani

To be a beacon of hope and bravery for not just myself but for other people too.

Don’t let people break your light, this is your time to shine. – Cass

Try to be more positive.

Live a life that’s awesome and help others with theirs.

Be chill. – Rocco

I will continue to wish for an end to the war in Ukraine. – Faith, 6

Stop wars. – Dane

Peace for Ukraine.

Spread joy to others and help people. – Addi, 6

Better work/life balance. Work well when I’m at work and make the most of when I’m not.

Be kind. – Bea, 6

Embrace all of me. Do things that make my wairua happy. Kōrero Māori.

Peace for Ukraine. Be positive about life goals.

Be kind to everyone and keep the connection we have to the Earth.

Be kind.

Just be yourself, don’t worry about what others think.

Kind and caring and bully-free schools!

Be tolerant of others’ opinions. Love and care for those around me.

Quit my job! Finish my degree. Work on my physical and mental health. Spend more time with my whanau.

To grow strong and bright.

Be happy, be yourself, love yourself.

Draw better and learn Spanish.

Be brave.

Paint. Meet people and laugh.

Give everybody a better life. – Morgan

I want to celebrate Matariki kindly. – Bianca

Heavenly Father: Thank you for my mum and dad, my husband, my children, my grandkids, and my great grandkids. Heavenly Father: Watch over the people in need, help them to be strong. Heavenly Father: Guide the powers to be to help them make the right decision in the World today. Heavenly Father: I repent all of my sins. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Be an amazing employer. – Kim

All of the neighbours come over to our house.

Be part of things to be proud of. Kids deserve better. Māori is something to be proud of.

No more hangxiety.

Be kind to myself and to those who love me (also to those around me). – Lily

Make the Otago Spirit. Be a stronger and fitter rugby player and person. Be a better person.

Be the best mum I can be!

Be present. Do things my future self will love me for.

Letting go. Not holding on to things of the past that hinder my future.

Be calm and be happy. Be kind to everyone around you. – Mia

Be kind to others. – Mya

Have a great day. – Amelia

Be confident! Be Māori! Be me!

Learn more Te Reo!

Follow my wairua and not the crowd, make the changes I have to and need to do. Be happy, sincere, and humble. Peace!

To find personal happiness and help others find it too.

I’ll be a better sister.

Cumplir nuestros suenos! Ser parte del cambio.

Work on my mental health. Start driving. Complete my qualifications. Connect with whānau more.

Finish my Masters. Go overseas.

Let them be wrong about you. You don’t belong to them.

Support my friends. – Ciara, 4

Ka Kōrero i Te Reo.

To get into medicine – Liam

Be kind to people and peace for Ukraine.

For a better year than 2021 – 2022.

Be happy.

Understand more about how to bring Māori and Pākehā together as a new culture celebrating our best!

Be kind to my sister. Not steal her toys. Be good to my parents. Not steal the remote. – Marcus

World peace.

Help for Ukraine to be safe.

Help others when hurt.

To be kind and patient and get better at saving my money. Have a healthy work / life balance.

Be kind, help others.

Buy a whare!

To live more healthy.

Help support Ukraine. – Lani, 10

My resolution is to control my anger at my siblings – Lilly


Be more helpful with my mum and dad. Be kind to my sister.