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Meet André from Acquisitions

13th June 2024

By moving from South Africa to New Zealand and undertaking an incredibly diverse range of jobs along the way, André is truly an incredible fountain of knowledge and an inspirational person to chat to.

André grew up in a small farming community in South Africa which was home to just 180 people. Known for his cheekiness, he was the star of the show at his tiny school. At the age of eighteen, André first set eyes on a young woman who would later become his wife. However, with education front of mind at the time, he headed off to university and successfully graduated with a degree in Business.

During these times, National Service in South Africa was mandatory, so André performed his duty and learned a wide range of skills. He then entered the world of employment, starting as an Assistant Manager for a steel manufacturer and, over the course of thirteen and a half years, undertook various roles within the organisation.

In 1997, twelve years after first seeing the wonderful woman who captured his heart, they met again on a blind date and were later married. Shortly after their wedding, they embarked on a life of dairy farming together. However, tragedy struck in the mid-2,000s when their herd was stolen.

Devastated and unable to pursue a career in farming, André and his wife picked themselves up and he undertook full-time employment in national procurement, finance, and branch management.

Eighteen years later and, with his two children now growing up, André and his family moved to New Zealand. Since August 2023, all four of the Peiters family have been living their best life in this wonderful country.

Joining Acquisitions has been a fantastic move for André too, and he was over the moon to share with us his thoughts on this treasure trove of gifts, fashion and homewares and respond to the following questions:

What do you look forward to most each day when you come to work?

It was heartwarming to learn from André that meeting new customers and speaking to new faces has opened a new side to him, especially moving from a highly corporate environment to one where there are so many different and positive interactions every day.

Tell us about the Team?

André was extremely quick to applaud his incredible team for their cohesiveness and customer orientated manner. Also, having such an experienced merchandiser in Sarah, who once worked for H&J Smith, helps immensely by doing such a fabulous job of displaying products in their best light.

What’s new for Acquisitions?

Excitement has been palpable amongst the team of late at the launch of a new fashion range, which is both stylish and affordable. André also drew our attention to some beautifully crafted genuine leather handbags and light luggage bags.

What is your favourite product range at the moment?

For André, the Moana Road range is the ‘go-to’. Not only is there a wide variety of items to choose from, each one projects quality without blowing the budget.

What makes Acquisitions a great shop to visit?

André happily told us that, in his opinion, Acquisitions is a gift store that caters for all ages and for all occasions. In addition, striking ornaments and homewares are available to adorn every room and there are beautifully crafted utensils to complement any kitchen. In short, it is a one-stop-shop for items of desire.

What is a little-known fact about Acquisitions?

Who would have known that Acquisitions was founded in Dunedin in the late 1970s and since then has blossomed into a network of twenty-two stores scattered throughout New Zealand.

From the early days of discoveries to the thousands of handpicked designs, meticulously sourced from around the globe today, Acquisitions also embrace the extraordinary by welcoming unique submissions from our community of artists and designers.

When you are not working, what do you like to do?

André’s eyes lit up when he described to us that anything with an engine sparks enjoyment for him and he has a life-long love of motorsports. André also finds a great deal of contentment in walking along the beach with his family and the number one spot at the moment is Brighton.