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Style Talk - November 2023

20th November 2023

It’s summer again! Time to get into breezy clothes, put on lots of sunscreen, and head to the beach. But wait! What about your hair?

Even though it traditionally has an easy-going vibe, summer is the harshest season on our hair; so, protecting your tresses from sun damage is as vital as protecting your skin. Neglect it, and you will end up with hair loss, frizzy hair, and split ends! 

So, let’s talk through our best summer hair care tips to save your locks!

1. Invest in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner such as our JUSTICE Professional Cool Mint Bundle to hydrate and stimulate your scalp and alleviate dryness caused by the outdoor heat or from air-conditioned environments indoors. 

2. Change up your hair care routine and introduce a bi-weekly intense hydration mask such as JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask so that you aren't left with coarse dehydrated hair. 

3. Don't add to the problem of summer heat and humidity by using more heat to style your hair. Leave your hot tools in the drawer and use a microfiber towel to dry your hair. This will absorb as much water as possible and help avoid frizz. Embrace your natural texture or apply JUSTICE Professional Sea Salt Spray to give your hair that carefree summer style.

4. If your hair is frizz-prone, a wearable treatment such as JUSTICE Professional Smooth & Groom will add intense moisture, which is crucial when spending time in the sun. It will also help detangle your hair while encouraging a sleeker, smoother result. Adding a serum such as JUSTICE Professional Endz Serum into your summer hair care routine is also an excellent option for those dealing with dry and damaged ends. Add through the mid-lengths of your hair while it is still damp.

5. For extra UV protection and to help your scalp retain moisture, cover your head when you're out in the sun. You've always wanted to wear that hat or scarf with your summer outfits, and now you have the perfect excuse!

6. Summer humidity can be brutal, something those who suffer from frizzy hair know all too well. So now is the perfect time to try loose, natural styles. Apply JUSTICE Professional Argan Oil and try messy buns, high ponytails, big braids… Not only will it help keep your hair frizz-free, but you will also feel cooler with your hair off your neck. What's not to love about looking AND feeling good?

7. If healthy hair is the goal, as always, we recommend regular Style Cuts to keep your hair looking its best! When your hair is dehydrated, your ends will be more likely to split. And splits ends will make your hair look even more frizzy. Regular Style Cuts will also keep your hair less tangled and less prone to breakage.

8. Opt for products that enhance your natural hair type. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, use JUSTICE Professional Curl Crème and leave your hair to dry naturally. Or fake your waves using JUSTICE Professional Sea Salt Spray … just spray, scrunch and go!

9. Rinse or wash your hair immediately after swimming to prevent chlorine and saltwater from interfering with your colour and hair health. You can also try rinsing your hair with cool, fresh water and applying JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask before taking a swim. The more your hair absorbs the freshwater, and protective mask, the less salt and chemicals can get in.

10. Don't overdo hair washing … as the days get hotter and the conditions get sweatier, it's tempting to wash your hair every day, but in doing so, you will strip your scalp and hair of much needed natural oils. We recommend washing twice a week and always make sure you are doing 2 shampoos for a thorough clean. Use JUSTICE Professional Dry Nutrient Shampoo to go a bit longer without washing. 

So now you know how to beat the heat and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy all season long. Just follow these tips to protect your mane from the harsh rays, and you will have beautiful hair that will make everyone around you 'burn' with envy!

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