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Meet Theresa from Laser Clinics New Zealand

18th June 2024

It was an absolute treat to sit down with Theresa recently and chat about how she took to the seven seas and practised her immense skills before loving life on land again, right here in Dunedin.

Originally from Ōtepoti, Theresa is a self-proclaimed artistic soul who began her career in the beauty industry when things were quite different. Theresa explained that, in earlier days, there was a lot of emphasis on enhancing looks through make-up, opposed to really delving into the science of maintaining beautiful looking skin before considering cosmetics.

For a number of years, Theresa worked in spas onboard luxury cruise ships, catering for between 600 and 2,000 passengers. She thrived on caring for her clients and at the same time visiting some amazing places when the ships docked in port. Theresa was particularly taken by the vibrancy of South America and the majesty of Alaska. However, nothing for her compared to our very own stunning harbour.

After permanently settling back into our City, Theresa further honed her expertise in skincare until she met Louise, the owner of the Golden Centre’s Laser Clinics New Zealand. In just one conversation, Theresa sensed a real meeting of minds. While she was looking for a new challenge, having just turned 50, Louise sought to recruit a highly experienced staff member to complement the wonderful team.

Since then, Theresa has gone from strength to strength and is more than happy to share her answers to the following questions:

What do you look forward to most each day when you come to work?

There was no hesitation in saying that seeing her colleagues, inviting such a wide range of clients to the Clinic, and working in a world-class environment is the epitome of where Theresa wants to be.

Tell us about the Team?

‘’The team are an absolute pleasure to work with,” says Theresa. Diversity is something close to Theresa’s heart and having a team that comprises people of a wide age range is heartwarming. “Everyone is so patient, professional and first and foremost kind to each other.”

What’s new for Laser Clinics New Zealand?

At the moment, promoting great skincare where you can actually see the results is the main order of business at Laser Clinics New Zealand. Theresa was quite emphatic about explaining that the Clinic is renowned for high end treatments, delivered by advanced skincare specialists, but at an affordable price.

What is your favourite product range / service offering at the moment?

In the blink of an eye Theresa was keen to speak about the simple but incredibly effective Ageless Peel. This maintains the integrity of the skin, by not putting anything in, but allowing new vibrant skin to be brought forward. Given that this only takes 30 minutes and results can be seen immediately, the experience can be enjoyed at leisure or even during a lunch break from work. The flexibility of the Ageless Peel means that it can either be a one-off treatment or form part of a regular skincare routine.

In your opinion, what makes Laser Clinics New Zealand a fantastic clinic to visit?

For Theresa, working in an ethically sound business which operates for the right reasons, ensures that anyone who visits Laser Clinics New Zealand can be assured that they will be cared for.

What is a little-known fact about Laser Clinics New Zealand?

Although the name Laser Clinics New Zealand suggests a large company, and there is no doubt that the industry leading organisation benefits from the latest medical grade equipment and processes, the Dunedin Clinic is actually locally owned and operated.

What is next for you at Laser Clinics New Zealand?

Theresa is enthralled by the possibilities of helping people she has never met before to achieve their skincare objectives, using the best techniques available and forging relationships based upon professionalism and friendship.